The Mailloux Brothers’ Construction Management approach is your recommended choice because we reverse the adversarial relationship between the owner, builder and architect. We all work together, based on the agreed estimate of the project completion cost.  All parties regularly come to the table throughout the duration of the entire project.  You enjoy complete transparency of all job costs and participate in the selection of subcontractors, materials and alternative building systems.

Faster completion-more flexible design.

Our early involvement helps cut lead-times, allowing the pre-ordering of materials for early phases while later phases of the project are still being refined. We work with your architect and structural engineer to spot issues and present suggestions and alternatives that can avoid costly change orders later.

We join your team and you join ours

We’re onsite, on the job and in the office, making sure everything is on track. We meet with you regularly and keep you abreast of the progress... and of those inevitable zigs and zags that present themselves no matter how diligent the pre-planning.

Invest that one hour - you’ll be convinced

Take the time to sit with us... take a walk with us and you’ll be impressed by our philosophy about the building process, our knowledge, experience and sense of responsibility and commitment to you and your project.